Anti-Reflective Coating
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Single Wavelength Partial Reflective Coatings (SPR)

Magnesium fluoride(MgF2) is probably the most widely used thin film material for optical coatings. It is applicable to the substrates with the refractive index from 1.45 to 2.4. Their performance is not outstanding, but it can present a significant improvement of anti-reflection compared to an uncoated surface. For this reason, this material acts as the most popular antireflection coating in visible spectrum. They are insensitive to the change of incident angle.

Multilayer Sharp V Anti-reflection Coating

This kind of anti-reflection coating provides lowest reflectance on a narrow band for width. It can achieve a minimum reflection of less than 0.1%. We can provide such coating with center wavelength from 250nm to 2200nm. When selecting a suitable multilayer anti-reflection coating, the center wavelength and damage threshold must be given special attention.

Multilayer Broadband Anti-reflection Coating

Cmpared with single layer MgF2 anti-reflection coating, multilayer broadband anti-reflection coating provides higher transmission for a wide band width. It is ideal for wide wavelength range lasers. Its performance is sensitive to the change of incident angle.